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Who We Are

It’s me, Art Derfall, and various professionals.

I set up my first website in 2000 by hiring someone  else to do it. I soon discovered that minor changes were billed at $30/hour. I learned FrontPage to make my own changes. Then there were videos, copywriting, search enging optimization (SEO), Facebook, print ads, business cards, logo creation, and more.

Over the years I’ve built websites for a variety of small businesses through modern building block systems. ProStyler.com is my primary system because the templates and support is fantastic. DIVI through ElegantThemes.com is another great system, but they don’t have niche sites to start with. I have access to others for restaurants, lawyers, beauty salons, etc. that are easy to modify and come with beautiful niche stock images if a business wants to use them.

Most business and personal websites are built on the WordPress platform (wordpress.org not wordpress.com – a blog site). Any website built on WordPress is easy to understand and modify by any web designer. There are hundreds of add-ons called plugins that add security, ecommerce, booking calendars, and more. Any business owner or staff member can easily make changes to text and photos. There are so many great templates to begin with that have been created by talented graphic artists. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who wants to code everything from scratch. You will have trouble having someone else pick up where they left off, should they disappear.

Getting More Business Is Simple

  • Do you have good content on your site to entice and inform visitors and the search engines?
  • Does your website display properly on phones and tablets without having to pinch-expand?
  • Do you try to capture names and email addresses by providing a coupon or download?
  • On a phone, is there a button to call and another to get the address and directions?
  • Do you do Facebook advertising? Much better than Google Adwords.
  • Do you have business videos on YouTube? Simple to do.
  • And lots more.

I can provide you with a variety of services at very low pricing. I do a pretty good job, but acknowledge that
others can do a bit better at a much higher cost.

Two Massachusetts people that you should consider and visit their sites are Phil Rozek at http://localvisibilitysystem.com. CLICK HERE
His blog provides great information as to what a local business should do. His monthly minimum fee is $900, however.

Steve Halldin at http://velocitymkt.com has proven success with auto repair businesses, dentists, and other local businesses. CLICK HERE
He and I have worked together.

Call me first. We can discuss what you have done for your business and a strategy for the future.  Much can be done at a very low cost.
You might do some of it on your own, but it’s easy to get into trouble with bad information.

Art Derfall 978-408-8280

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