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Standard Pricing Before Discount

I am an affiliate for Advice Local. I have used their services for years, and they have done an excellent job of adding and fixing listings for  intermy clients. There are many similar services on the internet and pricing can be 3 times higher for questionable service. As an affiliate, I am charged a lower fee and can offer a package discount. The aggregators work with many directories not covered by Advice Local. The Google My Business module is worth doing if you currently aren’t listed or properly listed. Get your FREE Visibility Report first, then call me about the recommended services.  ART

The following is detailed retail pricing. My pricing will be lower depending on what options are included.

The compete Deluxe Submission Package totals $785 ($700 with two linked discounts).


My special price is $550 for everything listed.
The $20/month reports should continue for at least 6 months.


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