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What is a Local Citation?

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Rachel Morgan

If you are looking for ways to advertise your business online, you may be wondering, what is a local citation?

Put simply, citations are mentions of your business on an external website such as a local listing service. Local citations are primarily comprised of your business’s name, address, and phone number, commonly referred to as your NAP.

Advice NAP on Google Places

Even if these sites do not actually link to your business, local citations are extremely valuable for your business’s local search performance. This may seem like a roundabout way to drive traffic to your site, but a widespread and consistent occurrence of your business’s NAP encourages positive local SEO signals to your website.

How Citations Drive Internet Traffic

Citation listings are indexed by major search engines, which keep track of how many times a company is mentioned on various places around the Internet. The more mentions of your business, the more important the search algorithm deems it to be, and the higher up in the local search listings it will appear. Since people searching online rarely get past the first couple of pages of listings, it is crucial for your business to achieve higher search rankings.

Where to Get Cited

There are countless places to get your business cited. These range from information aggregators (Factual, Acxiom, and Infogroup), to Chamber of Commerce websites, to social media, to Google Places listings. While it is not essential to get cited in all of these locations, optimum access to these sites mean more people will be able to find your business. Read “The Best Local Directory List” for 70 high-authority citation sources to submit your business to.

How to Get Cited

Throughout the years, we’ve compiled many how to guides for submitting to local business directories. For business owners who want to do it themselves, we encourage you to look through these resources for step by step instructions on how to submit your business to various citation sources. Some how to guides include:

How to Add a Business to Yahoo! Local
How to Add a Business to Local.com
How to Add a Business Listing to Angie’s List

For business owners or agencies who would rather all the work be taken care of for you, Online Directory Listed via Advice Local offers varying directory packages for you to choose from. All directory packages include manual submissions to the highest authority citation sources, completion reports, and video creation.

To learn more about local citation submissions and how they can help your local SEO, contact Art Derfall at 978-408-8280.

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