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Below are a few pages of a sample visibility / reputation / mobile device report. The full report is 26 pages and indcludes the before and after results. The after shows the new listings and corrections. You can download the full report.

The most important listing for your business is Google My Business. It takes the most work, and is often rejected by Google for no apparent reason. It’s happened to me, and trying to get Google to respond is a dead-end. I prefer to have a professional service do it and the other directories, aggregators, and citation sites.

When people search for your type of business, they often go to these directories as well as Google. Google will display a website at the top of the results by looking at relevant visibility.  That’s why this step is important, and not expensive.

The content on your site, navigation, and how readable your site is on mobile devices tranlates into more or less business. Bring your website up on a smartphone and see what it looks like. It should be readable just by scrolling. There should be buttons to make a phone call, address, directions, and a text comment. This is easily done without having to change anything on the website.

Get you free visibility report, or call me first. ART

12 of 26 pages from a sample report.

Full Report:

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